husband of the year

On Saturday, we had an early birthday celebration for Thaddeus. This day was all about us spending it together and making him feel special. We woke up earlier than the alarm clock because that’s how excited we got for the weekend. For breakfast, we went to the Black Coffee and Waffle Bar where he had his gluten and dairy free waffle. But me on the other hand, took advantage of that whip cream. Then after breakfast, we headed to the Russian Museum of Art where we purchased a Russian Art book for our coffee table as an entertainment for our guests. Afterwards, we went out for burgers. I had my burger and Thaddeus had his wings. Here are some photos from the marvelous weekend.

This blog post is quite different but very personal. Here is a letter entitled to my wonderful husband:

On a cold, crisp, January day, this world was gifted with a warm heart. Babe, you are now 26! But guess what? Age doesn’t matter anymore because we are counting our moments instead of our days. I want our days to be counted only after moments become memories. Then, remembering that day will grow a sentiment that is full of love and affection.

With only 26 years, you have managed to change people’s lives around you. You inspire, you support, and you help. You have inspired me to become a more passionate person. The passion in me started to rise when you made all of my dreams come true; from going to a missionary trip, to marrying the man of my dreams who happens to be a Christian model!

I am now more passionate about my teas… I use the french press instead of teabags!! I am now more passionate about cooking... I use more seasonings on my food than ever!! Also, I am now more passionate about having a big family, because you as well want an entire clique instead of just a couple of kids.

Thank you for coming into my life at the perfect time. At a time, when we were both ready to grow bigger together.

You support me when I don’t know exactly what I am doing. And you ALWAYS support me when I actually know what I am doing. You’ve supported my decision on starting a blog. You’ve supported my decision on going to choir even though that takes away our opportunity to stay in on Thursday nights. Overall, you’re a huge support and I will always return the favor. That means I’ll visit your hockey games once in awhile.

Goodwill. Not the Goodwill we shop, but the goodwill you grant because the help you bring to the table can change the world’s heart. You are a blessing to everyone who knows you.  

You are a blessing to those who can’t stand up for themselves, because they’re guaranteed you have their back. You are a blessing to those who don’t know how to calm down, because you have a special breathing method that I’m not entirely fond of. Once all the facts about you are gathered, you turn out to be one baller guy!

Before I end this beautiful novel, I can’t forget to mention how much I love the way you treat me and how I love the way you act around me. Thanks for being silly in public. Thanks for having me as your number one best friend that is not only confirmed on Snapchat, but in real life as well. Most importantly, thanks for being yourself. Teddy, I fall in love with you every day. And I will show our future children the appropriate moments when to fall in love with their dad. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HANDSOME!!! That warm heart of yours is contagious, keep us melting.