wedding day tips

From our one time ‘planning our own wedding’ experience, we gained insight on how to play a stress-free wedding. A lot of people were surprised at how calmly and smoothly things were going for Teddy and I ever since we met. Therefore, I shouldn’t even be surprised that the wedding didn’t cause major difficulties. The only tiny difficulty we faced was the "bridesmaid drama."

All three of our bridesmaids are very picky in their taste for fashion and loyal to their own sense of style. And this is exactly why I love every single one of them. Tuna (my youngest sister), Susana (my new sister), and Anna (my sister from another mister) certainly know exactly who they are and they will wear what they’re comfortable in with pride. Therefore, only after we bought and returned three dresses, they finally decided to go with the last gorgeous blue. Good thing our styles are very similar and eventually we were able to make the final decision. I wanted our bridesmaids to end up with dresses that they can wear another time. No prom dresses or Princess Elsa-looking dresses were ever put into consideration. Also, we had difficulties finding the right shoes that each one of them LOVED. But that is a long story, and we have to get back to our topic...

Here are some beneficial tips to follow for an easy-to-breathe wedding event:

  1. PRAY ABOUT EVERYTHING. From that last makeup touch-up for yourself to that bipolar weather, pray! What can you accomplish without God? Your answer might be, “I can manage to get my friends to come to my wedding. I can find the perfect dress without anybody’s help. I can go on and marry the person I love because I know that we will last forever; we will make a strong team! I can even brew my own coffee.” Yes, you’re right - you are a capable and a strong person! Everything will go well. But if God isn’t on your side, then you’re done. Your plans will not succeed. Just know that God has the last word.

  2. BE A COUPLE INVOLVED IN PLANNING. Communicate. Exchange opinions. Explore your style. Be honest. You’re planning a wedding with the person you will spend the rest of your life with. That means you guys will live together, you will design or decorate your place together, and you guys will shop for apparel together. Why not start off by planning a wedding together to get to know each other's way of putting things beautifully together?  I guarantee you, at the end of this planning process, the groom will know the bride’s least favorite flower, and the bride will know the groom’s least favorite color. Basically, all of the most important stuff.

  3. FAMILY INVOLVEMENT AND RESPONSIBILITIES. Family always has your back. They are here to help and support. By asking for your family’s time, it  will only leave them grateful to you for allowing them to participate in your big day. So don’t be so certain that you have everything under control because when the wedding comes, you won’t...and you don’t even know it. You need people.

  4. DON’T SWEAT LITTLE DETAILS.  Something's not looking the way you wanted it to? Don’t stress. Be flexible. It’ll look good on pictures, I promise! Especially, if you have a good photographer... Overall, your magical day will turn out to be priceless! You won’t even remember that little unfix-able stitch on your dress that kept bothering you all morning.  

  5. TAKE YOUR TIME TO GET DRESSED. Guess who’s the center of attention on this big day? You and your spouse are! So take all the time you need. Maybe even wake up earlier for you not to feel rushed or pressured?! Keep that hair on fleek. And eyebrows too, if possible.

Weddings are fun to plan. Grab your coffee, or your Matcha tea, and skip through those wedding magazines as you point out your favorites!